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High Heat Today

A High Heat Advisory has been issued today. Morning temps are starting in the in the 60's, and hitting the upper 90's and over 100 in several areas of the county today. Staying cooler at the coast in the mid 60's. Temps will come down but still warm, and the weekend is looking nice with highs in the 80's. Next week, we will get back into the 70's. For today, drink plenty of water, stay in the shade, and avoid strenuous exercise (photo courtesy Philippine News Feed)

Spare The Air Day

Today is a Spare The Air day, the second of this year. Hot temps, light winds, and car exhaust will create unhealthy smog. According to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, today's air could irritate your throat, cause chest pain, trigger asthma, and make broncitus and emphasema symptoms worse. You are advised to drive less, if you can. If you exercise outdoors, do it early in the morning when those ozone levels are lower. (photo courtesy MarketWatch)

Windsor Council Open Seat

The open seat on the Windsor Town Council will likely be decided in a special election, after the council deadlocked on a decision. The seat has been left open after the resignation of Dominic Foppoli when he became mayor, and then resigned from that job amid multiple allegations of sexual assault. (photo courtesy Sonoma County Tourism)

El Molino High School Rally

Parents and Alumni of El Molino High School opposed to the plan to combine students with Analy's on the Sebastopol campus, held a protest meeting last night, and plan to repeat it tonight. "El Mo" supporters are showing their anger over losing the 113 year old school name, colors, and mascot. (photo courtesy Townsy Sebastopol)

Russian River Rubber Dam

The Sonoma County Water Agency will begin the replacement of its inflatable rubber dam located in the Russian River near Forestville next week, and boating access through the construction zone will be closed through the summer. Sonoma Water is warning boaters that the normal portage around the rubber dam will be closed starting Monday, June 21 for the remainder of the construction project, which is scheduled for completion in October. (photo courtesy Patch)

Power Grid Strain

High Temperatures are expected today, raising concerns about California's power grid supply. The California Independent System Operator has issued a heat bulletin, asking us to conserve power, but they are predicting they will have enough power. The Grid Operators say they will issue a flex alert if its needed, asking everyone to cut back on electricity use. (photo courtesy Forbes)

Solar Energy Affordability

Today, supporters of solar energy want to put a spotlight on what they call a "profit grab" by major utility companies. Later this morning they will gather outside of the state public utilities commission, and demand that state officials keep solar energy affordable. The PUC is debating changes to the way solar users send energy back to the power grid. Critics say the new proposal would make solar energy less affordable for families, schools, and small businesses, and also slow down California's progress toward cleaner energy. (photo courtesy Interstate Roofing)

Torch Relay For Special Olympics

This morning, the Law Enforcement Torch Relay for Special Olympics worked its way through south Santa Rosa, being carried by officers running to Rohert Park Department of Public Safety, who then took the hand off and ran with it to Petaluma. The annual torch run raises funds for the Special Olympics that will take place at UC Davis this summer. (photo courtesy NicePNG)

Juneteenth Holiday

The Senate has passed a bill that would make Juneteenth a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The bill would lead to June 19th becoming the 12th federal holiday. It is expected to easily pass the House, which would send it to President Joe Biden for his signature. (photo courtesy CNET)

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