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Sonoma County Talking with Ted Williams

Sonoma County's Talking

David Goodman of Redwood Empire Food Bank

An interview with David Goodman of Redwood Empire Food Bank about their service of feeding thousands every day, even during the pandemic.


Churches wanting to reopen

An interview with Pastor Adam Peacocke about churches wanting to reopen soon, and some saying they will open on May 31st regardless of the Governor's order.


National Academy of Athletics

An interview with Aaron Locks with National Academy of Athletics about their virtual sports training sessions and camps.


Canine Companions for Independence

An interview with Michelle Williams with Canine Companions for Independence about their dog raising and training programs that help people with disabilities.


Aurora Mental Health

An interview with Susan Rose, CEO of Aurora Mental Health facility in Santa Rosa about their services, and their capacity expansion project.


Plant and Tree health USDA

An interview with Samantha Simon with the USDA about plant and tree health from infestations of disease and pests. 


PRC, Positive Resource Center

An interview with Brett Andrews with PRC, Positive Resource Center in San Francisco about Behavioral Health, and how COVID-19 effect their work, the patients, and resources.


Food For Thought Food Bank

An interview with Ron Karp, Executive Director of Food For Thought Food Bank in Sonoma County about their history, and the challenges during this time.


Catholic Charities of Sonoma County

An interview with Jennielynn Holmes with Catholic Charities of Sonoma County about their services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Museum of Sonoma County

An interview with Katie Azanza with Museum of Sonoma County about their on line experience during the shelter in place order. 


Jewish traditions of Passover

An interview with Rabbi Mordecai Miller of Congregation Beth Ami in Santa Rosa about the Jewish traditions of Passover, from the past, present, and into the future.


The meaning of Easter

An interview with Pastor Bret Avlakeotes of Spring Hills Church in Santa Rosa,  talking about the meaning of Easter, and how it relates to us today.


San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium

Interview with the Sabra Matovsky, CEO of San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium about how effective Community Health can be during a major medical crisis.


Dr. Sundari Mase

Interview with Sonoma County's new Health Officer, Dr. Sundari Mase, about her medical career, and how quickly she jumped into her new job as the COVID 19 pandemic began.


Senator Mike McGuire COVID 19 pandemic

An interview with State Senator Mike McGuire about his life in Sonoma County, his concern for this COVID 19 pandemic, and his leadership in getting us through it. 


Polly Klaas Foundation Fundraiser

An interview with Raine Howe of the Polly Klaas Foundation about their efforts to renovate the theater that will become theirs soon, and the fundraiser at Lagunitas on 3/30.


Current state of the Coronavirus

An interview with Dr Fred Drach, Infection Prevention physician with St. Joseph Health about the current state of the Coronavirus, and what is being done to combat it.


Sonoma County Emergencies Services

An interview with Chris Godley, Sonoma County Emergencies Services Manager, about the Emergency Operations Center activated this week.


Heart Health with Kaiser Permanente

An Interview with Cardiologist Dr. Joanne Tsai from Kaiser Permanente about heart health, and emergency care for cardiac problems.


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